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Malory Towers Series by Enid Blyton - The 12 Books Collection Box Set CBBC

by Enid Blyton Publisher: Egmont
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The first publication of the books was back in 1946, and remained to be a popular series among both girls and boys. Now with a new TV series coming on BBC, the Malory Towers series will continue to entertain those who enjoy the storylines revolving around life in school. The Malory Towers books are set in a scene which is located in Cornwall, the story is focussed on the main character Darrell Rivers and her life at an all girls’ boarding school which is encompassed by beautiful scenic views of the sea. On the cliff sides, there is a building which is shaped almost like a castle, with each corner a tall round pillar that represents the four different houses: North, East, South, West and housing 40 girls in each form. Additionally, a shared courtyard and swimming pool which is filled with the sea waters among the rocks. As the protagonist arrives upon her first day in the boarding school, she is greeted with the Headmistress Miss Grayling’s motivational speech in welcoming the girls to the school, Rivers is moved and she becomes excited and feels inspired. From this day forward, Rivers has set herself the goal to become one of the successful students of the establishment. Rivers remains strong and determined until she encounters the difficulties of getting along with other classmates, with each character with their own unique side and personality, Rivers is headstrong, she has a hot temperament and often gets into unexpected situations. River’s schoolfellows includes Alicia with a rude behaviour along with her friend Betty, that enjoys bringing a class lesson into chaos, Sally who’s a dependable student, Mary who is always timid and a vindictive and malicious student Gwendoline Mary Lacey. In this story, we follow the girls through six years, we can see the challenges they face which can be empathised for many young girls and boys in school. Each student works hard, plays hard, achieves success and failure and all face happiness and setbacks at the same time. In spite of all of this and the many inexperienced and immature sides of each student, Miss Grayling has not given and though she has extremely high promise and expectations of them, Grayling works hard to change these students and help them grow into strong dependable women that people can rely on. Enid Blyton remained to be one of the biggest authors and since the 1930s, sold more than 600 million copies worldwide. 

Enid Blyton presents Malory Towers the 12 book collection. At Malory Towers, there's more to life than lessons. Join Darrell Rivers and her friends as they work hard and play harder at this seaside boarding school. Follow the loveable group as they go through their school years going on all sorts of adventures. 

Titles in this set :

First Term At Malory Towers
Second From At Malory Towers
Third Year At Malory Towers
Upper Fourth At Malory Towers
In the Fifth At Malory Towers
Last Term At Malory Towers
New Term at Malory Towers
Summer Term at Malory Towers
Winter Term at Malory Towers
Fun and Games at Malory Towers
Secrets at Malory Towers
Goodbye Malory Towers



Titles in Collection

  • New Term at Malory Towers
  • Fun and Games at Malory Towers
  • Winter Term at Malory Towers
  • Summer Term at Malory Towers
  • Last Term at Malory Towers
  • In the Fifth at Malory Towers
  • First Term at Malory Towers
  • Second Form at Malory Towers
  • Upper Fourth at Malory Towers
  • Third Year at Malory Towers
  • Goodbye Malory Towers
  • Secrets at Malory Towers