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Giordano Bruno Series Collection S. J. Parris 5 Books Set Pack

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Heresy: The breathtaking opener to the Sunday Times betselling Giordano Bruno series:
The country is rife with plots to assassinate Queen Elizabeth and return the realm to the Catholic faith. Giordano Bruno is recruited by the queen’s spymaster and sent undercover to expose a treacherous conspiracy in Oxford – but his own secret mission must remain hidden at all costs.A spy under orders. A coveted throne under threat.When a series of hideous murders ruptures close-knit college life, Bruno is compelled to investigate. And what he finds makes it brutally clear that the Tudor throne itself is at stake.

Prophecy: A gripping conspiracy thriller in the Sunday Times bestselling Giordano Bruno series:
An astrological phenomenon heralds the dawn of a new age and Queen Elizabeth’s throne is in peril. As Mary Stuart’s supporters scheme to usurp the rightful monarch, a young maid of honour is murdered, occult symbols carved into her flesh.The Queen’s spymaster, Francis Walsingham, calls on maverick agent Giordano Bruno to infiltrate the plotters and secure the evidence that will condemn them to death.

Sacrilege: The breathtaking, action-packed instalment of the Sunday Times bestselling Giordano Bruno series:
The third book in S. J. Parris’s bestselling, critically acclaimed series following Giordano Bruno, set at the time of Queen Elizabeth I..London, 1584. Giordano Bruno travels to Canterbury for love. But finds only murder...Giordano Bruno is being followed by the woman he once loved – Sophia Underhill, accused of murder and on the run. With the leave of the Queen’s spymaster, he sets out to clear Sophia’s name. But when more brutal killings occur a far deadlier plot emerges.

Treachery (Giordano Bruno 4):
Perfect for fans of C.J. Sansom and The Name of the Rose, the fourth historical thriller featuring Giordano Bruno, heretic, philosopher and spy.August, 1583. Giordano Bruno, a heretic fleeing the Inquisition, finds a new life working as a spy for Sir Francis Walsingham.Along with his friend, Sir Philip Sidney, Bruno travels to Plymouth on the Queen s behalf. There, they meet Sir Francis Drake, who is preparing to launch a daring expedition against the Spanish, which could turn the tide of war.

Giordano Bruno arrives in Paris to find a city on the edge of catastrophe. King Henry III lives in fear of a coup by the fanatical Catholic League and another massacre on the streets.A DEADLY CONSPIRACY IN PLAY,When murder strikes at the heart of the Palace, Bruno finds himself on the trail of a killer who hides a terrible secret. With the royal houses of France and England under threat, he must expose the truth or be silenced for good.

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Giordano Bruno Series Collection S. J. Parris 5 Books Set Pack