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Hilary mckay's casson family collection 6 books set

by Hilary mckay's Publisher: Book
SKU VRT-7456 ISBN 9789123757572


Hilary mckay's casson family collection 6 books set includes titles in this set:- Saffy's Angel, Indigo's Star, Permanent Rose, Caddy Ever After, Forever Rose, Caddy's World. Description:- Saffy's Angel After Saffron discovers that she's adopted, life is never quite the same. Her artistic parents and doting siblings adore her, but Saffy wants a piece of her past. So when her grandfather bequests a stone angel to her, Saffy knows she has to find it. Realising that her childhood in Siena holds the key, she stows away on a car trip to Italy. Indigo's Star Indigo's going back to school after a long bout of illness. He's not looking forward to it, the bullies are lying in wait. But he's determined to stand on his own two feet - so when Saffy and Sarah break up a fight in the boys' bathroom, he's furious. Until he meets Tom. Permanent Rose Tom went back to America, and Rose hasn't heard from him since. No phone calls, no messages, nothing at all. New friend David, however hard he may be trying, is no replacement. Caddy Ever After Indigo's in love and wants to do something special to win over Sarah, Saffy has a strange new boyfriend who teaches her all about the stars and Caddy has fallen in love and is getting married . . . but not to Michael. Forever Rose Rose comes home to a dark, quiet, empty house every day - her sisters and brother are always so busy. Indigo has his guitar lessons and paper round, Saffy is off with Sarah, and who knows where Caddy is since she disappeared with Michael's postcards. Caddy's World Best friends, boyfriends, problem parents, pink hair. Brothers, sisters, fireworks and unexpected babies. Welcome to Caddy's World.


Hilary mckay's casson family collection 6 books set