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The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch Collection 8 Books Set (Lunch, Rescue, Cat, Tea & More...)

by Ronda Armitage Publisher: Scholastic
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Condition: BRAND NEW
Format: Paperback 
Dimensions: 32 x 2.4 x 27.2 cm

The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch
Every day, Mr Grinling the lighthouse keeper cleans and polishes his light to make sure it shines brightly at night. At lunchtime he tucks into a delicious and well-deserved lunch, prepared by his wife. But Mr Grinling isn't the only one who enjoys the tasty food. Will Mrs Grinling think of a way to stop the greedy seagulls from stealing the lighthouse keeper's lunch This special paperback edition has been created to mark the 30th anniversary of the modern classic, beloved by children everywhere.

The Lighthouse Keeper's Rescue
Mr Grinling loves a jolly good snooze, but he keeps on waking up too late to switch on the lighthouse light. It's not long before the lighthouse inspectors pay him a visit and they are not happy at all... Whatever will become of Mr Grinling?

The Lighthouse Keeper's Cat
Hamish, the lighthouse keeper's cat, has been neglecting his duties and the mice are running wild all over the lighthouse. With the lighthouse inspector due any day now, Mr and Mrs Grinling decide to put Hamish on a diet until he catches the mice... So Hamish sets off to find someone who will appreciate him better. Soon, though, Hamish realises there's no place like home.

The Lighthouse Keeper's Tea
When Mr Grinling decides he needs a hobby, he tries everything from baking to bird-watching. But one morning a stroll along the beach inspires Mr Grinling to take up a most unlikely pastime!

Lighthouse Keeper's Breakfast
Mr and Mrs Grinling are throwing a fancy-dress party to celebrate the lighthouse's 200th birthday and everyone is invited. But whn the Grinlings take to the high seas, they get more swashbuckling than they bargained for!

The Lighthouse Keeper's Picnic
Mrs Grinling is the best cook in the world and Mr Grinling likes nothing better than to taste her delicious treats. But when he over-indulges at the village picnic, he finds himself in a pickle and suddenly wishes he hadn't eaten quite so much..

The Lighthouse Keeper's Catastrophe
When Mr Grinling locks himself out of the lighthouse, he tries everything to get back inside. Not only is Hamish the cat trapped inside, he also needs to switch on the light to warn the ships that they're near the rocks on the coast. Luckily Mrs Grinling has an ingenious plan to get back in... but will it work?

The Lighthouse Keeper's Christmas
Mr Grinling and his great-nephew, George, find themselves stranded in the lighthouse on a stormy Christmas night. With no Mrs Grinling, no food and no presents, this might just be the worst Christmas ever!

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The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch Collection 8 Books Set (Lunch, Rescue, Cat, Tea, Breakfast, Picnic, Catastrophe, Christmas)