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Baby Food Matters by Dr Clare Llewellyn, Hayley Syrad NEW Paperback

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The quality of nutrition a child receives and the way they are fed can have a lasting impact on their future health. Dr Clare Llewellyn and Dr Hayley Syrad, both scientific leaders in this field having published over 100 scientific papers on the topic, separate the myths from the facts and draw on the very latest research to help you decide what is best for your child when it comes to developing healthy eating habits.Baby Food Matters lays out essential nutrition for all infants and toddlers, and describes ways of feeding children with varying eating styles at every crucial stage - from milk-feeding to weaning to eating with the family. Clare and Hayley debate the benefits of breast milk vs. formula milk, explain how to introduce solid foods to your child in a way that will help foster healthy food preferences, suggest strategies for managing fussy eaters and eager eaters, and offer portion size guidance.This important book will help parents make informed choices about how and what to feed their child - and reassure them each step of the way.


Baby Food Matters by Dr Clare Llewellyn, Hayley Syrad NEW Paperback