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Conn Iggulden Emperor Series 5 Books Collection Set Paperback

by Conn Iggulden Publisher: HARPER
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The Gates of Rome
From the spectacle of gladiatorial combat to the intrigue of the Senate, from the foreign wars that secure the power of the empire to the betrayals that threaten to tear it apart, this is the remarkable story of the man who would become the greatest Roman of them all: Julius Caesar.
In the city of Rome, a titanic power struggle is about to shake the Republic to its core. Citizen will fight citizen in a bloody conflict - and Julius Caesar, cutting his teeth in battle, will be in the thick of the action.

The Death of Kings
The young Julius Caesar is serving on board a war galley, gaining a fearsome reputation. Then his ship is captured and he is abandoned on the North African coast. After gathering a legion of men powerful enough to gain vengeance of his captors and to suppress an uprising in Greece, he returns to Rome a hero.
At the moment of his triumph, Julius finds he must fight again. A savage rebellion threatens the city, led by a gladiator named Spartacus...

The Field of Swords
Julius Caesar has taken his legions north to battle the Gallic tribes. But as his successes mount, overwhelming ambition and new alliances begin to threaten his one true friendship.Marcus Brutus was instrumental in the conquest of Gaul and so in restoring Caesar's reputation as a hero of Rome. But after decades standing side by side, will they choose to cross the Rubicon together? Are they both willing to take the fight to Rome herself?

The Gods of War
Fresh from triumph in Britain and Gaul, Caesar is marching on Rome with his legions of hardened veterans. To unseat Pompey, now dictator of the empire, he must make the terrible decision to wage war on his own people.
The glory that Julius, Brutus, Mark Antony and Octavian enjoys is short lived. There are lands to conquer and choices to make that may yet tear them apart. What cost will Caesar suffer for the path he has walked? Who will make him pay?

The Blood of Gods
Julius Caesar has been assassinated. A nation is in mourning. Revenge will be bloody.
Romeo's great hero Julius Caesar has been brutally murdered by his most trusted allies. While these self-appointed Liberatores seek refuge in the senate, they have underestimated one man: Caesar's adopted son Octavian, a man whose name will echo through history as Augustus Caesar.

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Conn Iggulden Emperor Series 5 Books Collection Set Paperback