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Maggie Hope Collection 12 Books Set

by Maggie Hope Publisher: Ebury Press
SKU PLD1732 ISBN 9789123863464


Maggie Hope Collection 12 Books Set:

A Mother's Gift:
Matthew Hamilton, the unscrupulous owner of the mine, takes advantage of her distress in the most despicable manner.

Elizas Child:
After the birth of their son, Eliza naively hopes her husband Jack will put his gambling habit behind him and become more responsible.

A Mother's Courage:
Eleanor Saint spends as much time as she can helping in the community of her small mining town.

The Servant Girl:
Forced to become a kitchen maid at Fortune Hall, Hetty Pearson strikes up an unlikely friendship.

A Daughter's Duty:
When young Rose Sharpe is forced to leave school at the age of fourteen, her dreams of independence are left in tatters.

A Daughter's Gift:
When Elizabeth and her four sibling are orphaned, she and her brother are sent to a children's home; their younger sisters into foster care.

Molly's War:
When Molly Mason's father dies in a pit accident, she is left penniless and alone.

Workhouse Child:
Lottie is just three years old when her Mammy dies and she is sent to the workhouse.

The Miner's Girl:

Orphaned from birth, Mary Trent has always dreamed of the day she can escape from poverty.

The Coal Miner's Daughter:
Growing up in poverty, one of six siblings, Hannah Armstrong never thought she’d know anything other than her little mining town.

An Orphan's Secret:
Growing up caring for her brothers after the death of their mother.

A Wartime Nurse:
A newly qualified nurse, Theda Wearmouth is delighted to gain a place at Newcastle Hospital.


Maggie Hope Collection 12 Books Set (A Mothers Gift,Elizas Child,A Mothers Courage,The Servant Girl,A Daughters Duty,Daughters Gift,Mollys War,Workhouse Child,Miners Girl,The Coal Miners Daughter..