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Set of 6 Books Collection

SKU VRT-7209 ISBN 9789123887972


Set of 6 Books Collection:

The Diet Myth:
The answers are much more surprising - and fascinating - than we've been led to believe. The key to health and weight loss lies not in the latest fad diet, nor even in the simple mantra of 'eat less, exercise more', but in the microbes already inside us.

Food WTF Should I Eat?:
Did you know that porridge isn't actually a healthy way to start the day? That perhaps you should be eating a Mediterranean diet? And that milk doesn't build bones, and eggs aren't the devil?

The Gut Makeover Recipe Book:
Packed with over 100 delicious and nourishing recipes to make your gut-health transformation easy, delicious and fulfilling, The Gut Makeover Recipe Book also explains the revolutionary new science that reveals that the state of our gut is central to our weight and health.

Eat Dirt:
In order to keep us in good health, our gut relies on maintaining a symbiotic relationship with trillions of microorganisms that live in our digestive tract. In Eat Dirt, Dr Axe explains that what we regard as modern improvements to our food supply.

The Medical Autoimmune Life Changing Rescue Solution Cookbook:
Your diet plays a huge part in reversing, treating and controlling chronic, inflammatory illness and the Autoimmune Protocol is a fantastic tool for making sense of what you eat, to keep you being the best you can.

Complete KETOFAST Solution Intermittent Fasting:
Intermittent Fasting The Complete KetoFast Solution guides you through the science behind ketogenic dieting and intermittent fasting, the various methods of Keto/IF dieting according to your lifestyle and preferences and a delicious and easy to follow collection.


Set of 6 Books Collection (The Diet Myth, Food Wtf Should I Eat, The Gut Makeover Recipe Book, Eat Dirt, Medical Autoimmune, Complete Ketofast Solution Intermittent Fasting)