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Stephen Aryan Collection Age of Darkness 3 Books Bundle (Battlemage, Bloodmage, Chaosmage

by Stephen Aryan Publisher: Orbit
SKU VRT-7657 ISBN 9789123553426


Stephen Aryan Collection Age of Darkness 3 Books Bundle includes titles in this collection :- Battlemage, Bloodmage, Chaosmage. Description:- Battlemage: Age of Darkness, Book 1 (The Age of Darkness) BALFRUSS is a battlemage, sworn to fight and die for a country that fears his kind. VARGUS is a common soldier - while mages shoot lightning from the walls of his city, he is down on the front line getting blood on his blade. TALANDRA is a princess and spymaster, but the war will force her to risk everything, and make the greatest sacrifice of all. Magic and mayhem collide in this explosive epic fantasy from a major new talent. Bloodmage: Age of Darkness, Book 2 (The Age of Darkness) The people of Perizzi have survived the battlemage war, but their future is looking darker than ever. BYRNE is a member of the Watch, investigating a series of murders in which the corpse was drained entirely of life. FRAY's expertise with magic is needed to catch the killer, but working with the Watch destroyed his father, years before. CHOSS is a champion fighter, trying to diffuse a war in the underworld that threatens to turn the streets red with rivers of blood. Chaosmage: Age of Darkness, Book 3 (The Age of Darkness) :- Voechenka is a city under siege. Decimated by the Battlemage war, its restless dead attack every night, begging the living to join them beyond the grave. Three survivors will fight to save the city. TAMMY, whose investigation could rescue Voechenka from its grisly fate. ZANNAH, who must pay penance for her war crimes. And BALFRUSS: scholar, traveller, and battlemage. 'Epic fantasy for readers who appreciate extra helpings of carnage with their backstabbing'


Stephen Aryan Collection Age of Darkness 3 Books Bundle (Battlemage, Bloodmage, Chaosmage)