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Storecupboard One Pound Meals,Easy One Pound Meals,5 Simple Ingredients Slow Cooker,Nom Nom Italy 4 Books Set

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 Storecupboard One Pound Meals: 85 Delicious and Affordable Recipes
Miguel Barclay is back with his sixth book in the 'One Pound Meals' series and he's on a mission to save you even more money and time with this collection of storecupboard recipes.

Miguel Barclay's Super Easy One Pound Meals
With his budget-friendly style, Miguel has created mouthwatering meals made with yet more of his clever cooking cheats and hacks. In Super Easy One Pound Meals you'll find tasty stews, curries and chillies, but Miguel has taken this concept one step further with traditionally more complicated recipes, such as a lasagne, a roast dinner and a sweet potato pie. The majority of the recipes are made from start to finish in just one pan, (a few recipes need a second pan to boil rice, potatoes or pasta). All the recipes are super simple and perfect for a speedy lunch or a flavour-packed dinner.

5 Simple Ingredients Slow Cooker - F*ck That's Quick & Easy: Low Calorie Cookbook For Weight Loss & Health
5 Ingredients, Low Calorie, No Fuss. Anyone with a busy life knows that mealtimes can be tough. You may be a parent who needs to feed the family, single with a demanding job, a student on a budget or just simply out of fresh ideas to keep yourself on track. Thankfully there's a solution that will help. The slow cooker is the lifesaver you've been looking for. With our recipes that contain only 5 ingredients, you can prep meals every day in minutes and leave your slow cooker to do the work. For those watching their waistline you can take comfort in the fact that each delicious recipe is calorie counted and falls below either 200, 300, 400, 500 and 600 calories per serving. When life takes over, often poor food choices are made but it needn't be that way. Our recipes are no fuss, low calorie and really do only need 5 ingredients to deliver a delicious, nutritious meal that will allow you stay on track with your weight loss efforts.

Nom Nom Italy In 5 Ingredients: Delicious Italian inspired meals with just 5 ingredients. Cooked in 15 minutes or less.
Quick & easy Italian food in 15 minutes or less. Inspired by the simplicity of Italian food, we offer a fantastic selection of truly traditional nom nom recipes that are not just quick and easy to prepare and cook, but delicious, simple and composed of just 5 familiar ingredients. With recipes this good there really are no excuses not to dive straight in and begin exploring the culinary delights of Italy.

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Storecupboard One Pound Meals,Easy One Pound Meals,5 Simple Ingredients Slow Cooker,Nom Nom Italy 4 Books Set