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Tom Bower Collection 3 Books Set Rebel Prince, Boris Johnson Gambler, Revenge

by Tom Bower Publisher: WH Allen
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Boris Johnson: The Gambler...

Many of us think we know his story well. His ruthless ambition was
evident from his insistence, as a three-year-old, that he would one
day be 'world king'. Eton and Oxford prepared him well for a frantic
career straddling the dog-eat-dog worlds of journalism and politics.
His transformation from bumbling stooge on Have I Got New for You to a
triumphant Mayor of London was overshadowed only by his colourful
personal life, brimming with affairs, scandals and transgressions. His
ascent to Number 10 in the wake of the acrimonious, era-defining
Brexit referendum would prove to be only the first act in an epic
drama that saw him play both hero and villain - from proroguing
parliament to his controversial leadership of the Covid-19 Crisis, all
against the backdrop of divorce, marriage, the birth of his sixth
child, revolts among Tory MPs and the countdown to Brexit.....

Rebel Prince: The Power, Passion and Defiance of Prince Charles....

Few heirs to the throne have suffered as much humiliation as Prince
Charles. Despite his hard work and genuine concern for the
disadvantaged, he has struggled to overcome his unpopularity. After
Diana s death, his approval rating crashed to 4% and has been only
rescued by his marriage to Camilla. Nevertheless, just one third of
Britons now support him to be the next king.Many still fear that his
accession to the throne will cause a constitutional crisis. That
mistrust climaxed in the aftermath of the trial of Paul Burrell, Diana
s butler, acquitted after the Queen s sensational recollection . In
unearthing many secrets surrounding that and many other dramas, Bower
s book, relying on the testimony from over 120 people employed or
welcomed into the inner sanctum of Clarence House, reveals a royal
household rife with intrigue and misconduct. The result is a book
which uniquely will probe into the character and court of the Charles
that no one, until now, has seen.....

Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the war between the Windsors...

The British Royal Family believed that the dizzy success of the Sussex
wedding, watched and celebrated around the world, was the beginning of
a new era for the Windsors. Yet, within one tumultuous year, the dream
became a nightmare. In the aftermath of the infamous Megxit split and
the Oprah Winfrey interview, the Royal Family's fate seems
persistently threatened.The public remains puzzled. Meghan's success
has alternatively won praise, bewildered and outraged. Confused by the
Sussexes' slick publicity, few understand the real Meghan Markle. What
lies ahead for Meghan? And what has happened to the family she married
into? Can the Windsors restore their reputation?With extensive
research, expert sourcing and interviews from insiders who have never
spoken before....


Tom Bower Collection 3 Books Set Rebel Prince, Boris Johnson Gambler, Revenge