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Tony Bradman The Greatest Adventures in the World 10 copy slipcase - The Book People

by Tony Bradman Publisher: Kitchen
SKU PLD16425 ISBN 9781408329405 Author


Jason And The Voyage To The Edge Of The World

To win back his father's kingdom, Jason must find the fabled Golden Fleece. Many have attempted the perilous journey in search of it and never returned. But Jason and his band of Argonauts set sail determined to succeed Part of a collection of fun-filled, dynamic and dramatic stories, tales that every aspiring boy-adventurer wants to read.

Ali Baba And The Stolen Treasure

Brothers Ali Baba and Kassim are opposites. Ali Baba is kind and poor and Kassim is rich and mean. When Ali Baba spies forty thieves hiding treasure in a cave, he only takes a little for himself. But Kassim is greedy, and soon the thieves are on their trail

Aladdin And The Fabulous Genie

Aladdin is surprised when his long-lost uncle Hasan appears at his door one day. He needs Aladdin to help him find a magic lamp, hidden deep in a dark cave. But Aladdin is afraid that once he is in there, Hasan will never let him out again!

Arthur And The King's Sword

Arthur is only a squire, but he longs to be a knight like his older brother, Kay. When Kay's sword goes missing, Arthur must get him a new one quickly. But the special sword that Arthur finds will change his own life for ever

Beowulf the Hero

Beowulf is determined to become a hero by slaying the evil beast, Grendel. The monster has been terrorising the chieftain, Rothgar, by killing his men every night - and leaving behind nothing but blood. Can Beowulf defeat Grendel, and bring peace to the land

David and Goliath

David is very upset when he is not allowed to join his older brothers to fight the Philistines. He might be the youngest, but he is no longer a little boy. When he finally gets his chance, he is determined to make it count - but can David really defeat the mighty giant, Goliath

Robin Hood And The Silver Arrow

The Sheriff of Nottingham is holding a contest to find the best bowman. Robin Hood knows it's a trap to draw him out of hiding, yet is determined to enter. But with Norman soldiers surrounding the contest, how can Robin win and escape unnoticed

Robinson Crusoe Shipwrecked

Young Robinson Crusoe has the chance to leave behind his boring life by joining a trading ship in the Caribbean. But when he is shipwrecked and left stranded alone on an island, how will he survive

William Tell And The Apple For Freedom

William Tell is the best shot in Switzerland. One day, the local governor demands that he prove his skill with a crossbow or be punished. William must hit an apple at a hundred paces...and the apple will be resting on his young son's head

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Tony Bradman The Greatest Adventures in the World 10 copy slipcase - The Book People